The Fourth of July weekend is fast approaching, and which means another excuse to start a barbecuing party. Traditionally, grilling and barbecuing have been completely grand American traditions. But, with the advent of modern technologies, the practice of grilling has grown in popularity. But they have technological developments improved the barbeque? Considering the benefits and drawbacks of modern devices and tools, Robert Fernandez shares his thoughts on barbequing and technology.

A smart recipient is a smart unit that keeps track of the heat range of the barbeque grill, the position of each burner, and even the level of propane in the gas tank. The app gives countless tasty recipes for barbequing and cleans away the most mind-numbing job of an chef — cooking the food. Of course , some individuals prefer charcoal-fired fires and flame-broiled meats. But no matter what your preference, clever technology can assist you master traditional barbecue tactics.

Modern technology has made baking easier, and grills today incorporate voice-activated features and touchscreens. Caracal markets SmartGrill models that are voice-activated and tend to be compatible with applications. Several solar-powered types are now available, and a robotic cleaning accessory called Grillbot aims to take the work out of cleaning the barbeque grill grate. But will social isolating measures continue to affect outdoor barbecues?

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